For me, going to college was about personal growth and becoming a better version of myself. I can say that these goals were genuinely fulfilled by being a part of the London program.
— Business Major, London

With PILOT (the Personal Learning Objective Toolkit) you direct your professional, personal, and academic development while interning abroad. 

PILOT helps you achieve your objectives by staying conscious of the many ways living, interning, and studying in a different culture gives your opportunities to grow.

Crafting a Personal Learning Statement not only gives you a sense of accomplishment, it is a valuable tool for articulating the value of your experience in interviews, grad school applications, and more.

Listen to Jessie talk about how PILOT helped her identify the skills she developed while interning in Paris.


PILOT Stages


  • Set achievable goals for your time abroad
  • Identify the transferable skills you want to develop or improve 
  • In-depth Individual Internship Consultation with EUSA to ensure that your internship gives you the best opportunity to achieve your goals

Cruising Altitude

  • Regularly reflect on and review your learning objectives
  • Identify opportunities to develop your skills - both in the internship and out


  • Assess how your skills have improved
  • Identify your accomplishments
  • Create a Personal Learning Statement to help you succinctly articulate the value of your international internship