Become a madrileño - taking the Metro to your internship, and sitting at the cafés in La Latina, and joining everyone when you go de marcha at night and experience Madrid’s vibrant nightlife. 

Madrid attracts people from across Spain, Europe, and the world. There are a lot of adopted madrileños or gatos (cats), as they are called in Madrid, so you’ll be in good company as you explore your new surroundings and develop your language skills.


Arts, Media & Culture

⦾ Auction houses
⦾ Art organizations
⦾ Music
⦾ Broadcast news
⦾ Film/TV production
⦾ Newspapers/


⦾ Advertising
⦾ Digital media
⦾ Event management
⦾ Marketing
⦾ Public relations

Healthcare & Education

⦾ Hospitals
⦾ Occupational/Physical therapy
⦾ Rehabilitation clinics
⦾ Research laboratories


⦾ Consultancies
⦾ Financial services
⦾ Food & beverage
⦾ Hospitality & tourism
⦾ Logistics

Politics, Law & NGOs

⦾ Environmental groups
⦾ International organizations
⦾ National/International security
⦾ Non-profit organizations

How Does It Work

What are the dates? How much does it cost? How do I apply?

EUSA works in partnership with colleges and universities. Dates, costs, and application process are determined by the university. Complete our “Next Steps” form to see if your school is a EUSA partner and find out how to apply. If your school isn’t a EUSA partner, we’ll send you information about programs who accept applications from outside students.

Do I have to be a Business major?

While some of our partners’ programs are for specific majors, most are open to all majors. You will need to have an appropriate level of Spanish to function effectively in the workplace – talk to your study abroad office to find out what they recommend.

I am an international student. Can I participate?

It is possible as long as you have secured the appropriate visa for Spain. We are not able to assist with this process beyond providing any documentation required for the Spanish consulate or embassy.

I don’t need credit for my internship. Do I have to do the coursework?

Due to visa and immigration requirements, you must be receiving academic credit in order to participate on the program.

Is there financial aid?

All of our programs are for academic credit and most are eligible for financial aid. Talk to your study abroad office for details. EUSA offers a limited number of scholarships Live, Learn, Intern for students who are underrepresented in study abroad.

I am not a student, can you help me find an internship in Madrid?

We can only facilitate internships for students participating in one of our partner institution’s program.

Can I intern with Company Name?

During your Individual Internship Consultation, you can tell us if there’s a particular company you’re interested in. We can’t promise that they will need an intern at the time you are in Madrid, or that your skills and development goals are a good match for their needs.

We work with thousands of organizations in Europe – ranging from well-known multinational banks to small non-profit organizations. If the specific company you want to work with isn’t a possibility, we’ll still be able to find a great fit for your professional and personal development objectives.

How many credits will I get?

Talk to your study abroad office and academic advisor to find out how your university grants credits for the international internship program.

What is the housing like?

In order to have a fully immersive language experience, you will live with carefully screened Spanish families. A small number of students in Madrid live in international student residences, but this is determined by the university, not the individual student.


Next Steps