Share Your Experience

Tell the world what you've learned, how you've grown, and what you're ready for next!

We love to share the experiences and insights of our students and past interns with potential students, supervisors, and universities. We'll share these videos on our social media channels, this website, in presentations, and in other marketing activities.

Step 1 - Prepare

Think about what you want to say before you shoot the video(s). Possible topics include:

Your Internship

  • What is your internship/what are you doing?
  • Describe a typical day in the office.
  • What did you find most interesting about the work culture?
  • Describe your workplace culture. What are your colleagues like?
  • Describe memorable moments (fun/interesting/learning) from your internship.

Personal and Professional Growth

  • How have you developed personally and professionally through your EUSA internship?
  • How is your internship influencing your development of transferrable skills? Please provide specific examples.
  • What is the most significant thing you learned from your internship experience.
  • What accomplishment at your internship are you most proud of?
  • Has the internship experience changed your career goals? If so, how?
  • How do you expect this internship to help you achieve your career goals?

Adapting to a New Culture

As we may edit the videos for length and clarity, when you talk about your city, please make sure to say the name of the city, "My favorite thing about London is..." rather than "My favorite thing was..."

  • What are the top three things you like about your city?
  • What did you find most surprising and different about your host city?
  • What did you find most interesting about the work culture?
  • Describe a challenge you overcame.


Step 2 - Lights! Camera! Action!

We aren't looking for professionally shot videos - just something that shows your face and voice clearly.

We'll edit the videos - we may share very brief clips or combine them with other students' submissions to create a longer video, so please start a new recording for each question or topic.

If you want to record your video at your internship, make sure you ask permission first.

The basics for recording a good video:

  • You can use the default camera app on your smartphone, or use any of the freely available apps for Mac, iOS, Windows, or Android such as Photo Booth, iMovie, or Google Camera
  • Videos need to be taken in landscape orientation (sideways), and not upright 
  • Tripods and stabilizers might help you keep your phone steady, but if you don't have them on hand, you can steady your camera by propping it against a book or something similar
  • Do a short test video and then answer these questions:
    • Is your face well-lit and visible? If not, make sure that the source of light is not behind your back. Stay close to the camera, and shoot from the waist up.
    • Can you hear yourself clearly at a normal volume setting? Record yourself in a quiet surrounding, without background noise if possible. If not, choose another location.
Step 3 - Submit

Please name the video files this way:


So if your name were Emma Smith and you interned at The Big Bank in London, name the file EmmaSmithBigBankLondon.mp4 (or .vid, .mov or whatever format your video recording application uses).

If you submit multiple videos, just add 2, 3, 4, etc to the file name.

Once you've named and saved the files just drag them on to this screen to upload them.

By uploading these files, you give EUSA permission to edit and share these videos on our website, social media channels, in presentations, or other marketing and advising purposes. EUSA may share, or not share, the files at its discretion.