Paris Internship Consultations in Boston

Make an Appointment to Talk to EUSA

An essential part of the placement process is your individual internship consultation with a EUSA Placement Manager.

If you are in the greater Boston area, you are required to sign up for an in-person placement meeting on the Boston University campus.

WHEN: Placement meetings will take place March 25 - 27.

To help you prepare for your internship placement process, a member of the EUSA Paris team will hold mandatory placement meeting preparation presentation on Monday, March 25, from 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM, in College of Arts and Sciences, room 203 (685 - 725 Commonwealth Avenue). In this presentation, we will share details of the internship placement process and help prepare you for your internship consultation with us.

Please note: If you are a non-BU student participating in this program, and therefore not attending class in Boston, the BU Study Abroad office will send you a recording of this presentation. OR If you are a BU student who has a valid conflict that prevents you from attending this in-person presentation, please notify the BU Study Abroad as soon as possible so that they may send you the recording.

WHERE: Internship consultations will be held on the Boston University campus. Appointment locations may vary by date AND time of day - please check the locations and dates (below) carefully.

HOW: Please select an appointment time from the calendar below. Your appointment will take place with a member of the Paris Placement Team. Please schedule one appointment time only - you can always reschedule later.


Once you have confirmed your appointment, you will be asked to provide your email address and create a password - it is not the same password you were sent by EUSA for registration on our Student Gateway.

You will receive an email confirmation of the appointment and information to help you prepare for the internship consultation.

After you've made your appointment... sure to register and explore our in-depth Handbook.

Appointment Locations

Monday, 25 March - Wednesday, 27 March: Kilachand Center for Life Sciences and Engineering, 610 Commonwealth Avenue, room 106C