Privacy Policy 

This privacy policy documents how EUSA · Academic Internship Experts protects and uses information you give us when using,, and how EUSA uses photographs, videos, or other documentation of EUSA program activities, classes, internship visits, field trips, and other events that take place as part of EUSA’s programs. 

Financial Information

EUSA does not collect financial or credit card information through any of its websites. 

Children Under the Age of 13 and are not intended or designed for use by children under the age of 13. If we are made aware of any submissions by children under the age of 13, they will be removed.  

Cookies is hosted by Squarespace and uses Wufoo forms which place cookies – small text files – on your device in order to enhance your browsing experience, and collect non-indentifiable information (e.g. IP address, browser type, language, time, etc) in order to analyze traffic patterns and website use. These files do not alter your system files or collect personal information. 

Processing in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, France, and the Czech Republic

EUSA operates in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, France, and the Czech Republic, and most of its students and university partners are based in the United States. Privacy and data protection laws may vary across these countries and may not be the same as the country from which you submit information. By using or, you consent to EUSA transferring, storing, and using your information in any of these countries. 

Social Media and External Websites links to third party websites, including social media websites, in order to provide useful information for our students and partners. EUSA does not control the privacy and security of these websites, and by following those links and sharing information through them, you understand that you are subject to their privacy policies, data security measures, and cookie use policies. EUSA does not expect or require students to use social media websites to fully participate in its programs. 

EUSA assumes that if you make posts to social media pages managed by EUSA, or tag EUSA’s social media handles (e.g. @eusainternships, @EUSAAcademicInternshipExperts, or any other handle EUSA may create and manage) or EUSA-specific hashtags (e.g. #EUSALondon, #EUSADublin, #EUSAMadrid, #EUSAParis, #EUSAPrague, #EUSACap, etc) in posts to your own social media feeds, that you are giving EUSA permission to share and repost the content on EUSA’s social media feeds or  


Protecting your information is important to EUSA, and we take reasonable and proportional administrative, technical, and physical measures (including use of SSL for sensitive personal data and regular review of appropriate handling of physical documents) to prevent loss, theft, or misuse, as do third parties (e.g. data centers, contract IT staff and developers, Wufoo, Survey Monkey, Mail Chimp, etc) involved in handling or processing data on behalf of EUSA in the course of our operations. 

Although EUSA takes reasonable and appropriate steps to safeguard your data, there is inherent risk in transmitting any information over the Internet, and by submitting your data to EUSA, you understand that there is always risk of bad actors intercepting or stealing data, and that EUSA cannot guarantee total data security. 

Information Collection and Use collects or accepts submission of the following types of information: name, email address, physical address, internship descriptions and intern requests, scholarship applications, Campus Ambassador Program applications, and requests for program information and further contact. We use this information to facilitate our programs. We only share this information with third parties when it is essential to the facilitation of our programs. collects personal information from students who have applied to and been accepted to programs run in partnership between EUSA and its partner universities; any information gathered therein may be shared with the relevant university partner or other parties (e.g. potential internship supervisors, the Department of State “Smart Traveller Enrollment Program,” housing providers, etc) exclusively for the purpose of facilitating programs, internship placement, compliance with local laws, and our students’ health and safety. This information includes photographs, email addresses, physical addresses, and phone numbers of students and their nominated emergency contacts; transcripts and grade information; visas; resumes/cv’s and all information typically contained therein; passport information; medical and special needs information necessary to provide essential services and assistance to students; information necessary for assigning housing during the program; information about students’ travel outside the program city while participating in the program; name and contact information of internship supervisors, companies; attendance information; etc. 

EUSA collects feedback and evaluation information from students and internship supervisors and information about students’ professional interests, goals, and development through,, and EUSA uses this information to facilitate and improve our programs, and to evaluate and improve our services to our students, university partners, and internship supervisors. EUSA also uses this information for research; presentations; and marketing EUSA programs (including but not restricted to webinars; live presentations; sharing on third party social media websites; print and online marketing material). By submitting this information, you agree that EUSA may use this information for these purposes without payment or other remuneration. 

Other Use and Disclosure

Any information submitted through and may be disclosed to outside parties where necessary for us to facilitate our services, websites, and essential operations, including, but not limited to, third parties assisting with data storage and management and website development and maintenance.  

EUSA may also disclose information when we reasonably believe we are required to by law; to protect the safety of our students or the public; or in the case that we reasonably believe that failure to disclose would put us at risk for liability. 

Photography and Videography

EUSA and third party photographers and videographers hired by EUSA, may document EUSA activities, classes, field trips, internship visits, other events, as well as interviews with students, internship supervisors, and university partners. By attending these events, or agreeing to participate in video interviews or pose for photographs, you understand that EUSA may use or share these photographs or videos in print, on its website or social media feeds, or presentations without compensation or remuneration.  

EUSA does not sell the information provided by users of its websites or share it with third parties for purposes other than those outlined above. 

Changes to this Policy

When EUSA updates or makes changes to this policy, we will update this page and note the date of the most recent update at the end of the policy. It is your responsibility to review the policies in effect at the time that you use our websites. Your information will be used in accordance with the policy that was in effect at the time you submitted it. 

If you have any questions or comments about this policy, you can contact EUSA at: 

EUSA · Academic Internship Experts
1A Queensberry Place
London, SW7 2DL
United Kingdom

+44 207 590 4680 


This policy was last updated: 5 September 2017