How to dispose of an old computer

Before disposing of your old computer, read carefully the instructions below.

  1. Save important files – back up your files on an external hard drive or transfer them to a new computer
  2. If you’re using Box Sync, log out of it and un-sync it:
    • Click on the Box icon in the top right corner of your desktop; select Preferences; on the Status tab, click the On/Off button to un-sync it; switch to the Settings tab, and click Log Out button.
    • Once you’ve done this, go to Box in your browser, and un-sync all the files and folders you have synced with your computer.
  3. Wipe your hard drive:
    • Before you start, find out the name and the format of your device:
      • Go to Finder, select your device, right-click on the hard drive, select Get Info, and note the name and the format on a piece of paper
    • Reboot the Mac and hold down Option+Command+R to boot into Recovery; alternatively, hold down the Option key until the boot manager screen appears
    • Select Recovery HD at the boot menu
    • At the Mac OS X Utilities screen, select Disk Utility
    • Click the Erase button
    • In the new pop up window, complete the fields as necessary
    • To find out the name and the format, go to Finder, select your device, right-click on it and select Get Info
    • Click the Security Options button, and use the slider to choose the most secure erase option (NOT the fastest option), then click OK
    • Click Erase
    • This process is going to take a while, so make sure your computer is plugged in and charging
  4. If you are unable to access Disk Utility, remove the hard drive and drill holes in it or smash it.
  5. Recycle the computer – don’t throw the computer in the trash and don’t dispose of it with household recycling
  6. Once the computer is recycled, fill out the form below and submit it