Experience Matters

Being able to not only say I studied abroad, but that I interned abroad, was a great talking point when discussing my prior experiences in interviews. Many people study abroad, but interning abroad is unique. The process was easy and enjoyable and I would do it again in a heartbeat.
— 2011 intern from The Ohio State University

Your Internship Matters

An international internship is a distinctive experience that enhances your employability. The ability to work effectively with people from different cultures helps you throughout your career - from getting your first job after graduation to leading an organization.

Our placement teams have guided over 25,000 students through the internship experience, offering advice and strategies to help them navigate their professional practice and cultural immersion.

EUSA Alumni Research findings infographic
My international internship set me apart from my peers when seeking full time employment. To this day, I still reference my experience abroad both professionally and personally.
— 2010 intern from Ball State University
The EUSA team is so professional and friendly, and were able to find me and internship that perfectly fit my needs. I highly recommend it.
— International Relations Major, Paris

No two students and no two internships are exactly alike. Our placement teams take the time through individual internship consultation meetings to understand your personal, academic, and professional needs and match you with the internship that gives you the best opportunity to achieve your goals.

EUSA continues to support you throughout your internship - from prompting you to reflect on your developing skills through our Personal Learning Objective Toolkit (PILOT) to helping you resolve specific challenges.

Our placement teams carefully screen and monitor the companies and organizations we work with through regular contact - including in-person visits and student assessments.

My internship consultation was really memorable.
I felt really supported and was able to think through what I want to do both now and in the future.
— Global Liberal Studies Major, Paris
For me, going to college was about personal growth and becoming a better version of myself. I can say that these goals were genuinely fulfilled by being a part of the London program.
— Business Major, London

With PILOT (the Personal Learning Objective Toolkit) you direct your professional, personal, and academic development while interning abroad. 

PILOT helps you achieve your objectives by staying conscious of the many ways living, interning, and studying in a different culture gives your opportunities to grow.

Crafting a Personal Learning Statement not only gives you a sense of accomplishment, it is a valuable tool for articulating the value of your experience in interviews, grad school applications, and more.

Listen to Jessie talk about how PILOT helped her identify the skills she developed while interning in Paris.


PILOT Stages


  • Set achievable goals for your time abroad
  • Identify the transferable skills you want to develop or improve 
  • In-depth Individual Internship Consultation with EUSA to ensure that your internship gives you the best opportunity to achieve your goals

Cruising Altitude

  • Regularly reflect on and review your learning objectives
  • Identify opportunities to develop your skills - both in the internship and out


  • Assess how your skills have improved
  • Identify your accomplishments
  • Create a Personal Learning Statement to help you succinctly articulate the value of your international internship