Increasing Diversity in Study Abroad

Live, Learn, Intern Abroad Scholarships


In 2017 EUSA launched the Live, Intern, Learn Abroad Scholarships for underrepresented students or those with demonstrated financial need. EUSA will award up to $5,000 to a select set of students who are participating in established EUSA partner programs.

Generation Study Abroad

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Generation Study Abroad is a five-year program launched by the Institute of International Education (IIE) in 2014 to mobilize resources and commitments with the goal of doubling the number of U.S. students studying abroad to 600,000 by the end of the decade.

As a Generation Study Abroad Commitment Partner, our commitments reflect our ongoing efforts to increase opportunities for students underrepresented in study abroad by:

A. Griffin

As a Generation Study Abroad commitment partner, we are happy to announce our initiative to support more students studying abroad. EUSA awards $5,000 in scholarship funding each year to provide financial assistance to students participating in Spring, Summer, and Fall term programs.

Students will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Undergraduate student enrolled at a EUSA partner university or college, and participating in an established program

  • First-time study abroad participant

  • Demonstrated financial need and/or a member of a group underrepresented in study abroad

  • Willingness and ability to share their internship abroad experience through EUSA's social media

Please note that scholarships can only be applied to a partner university’s established program with EUSA.

Deadlines for scholarship applications are:

February 1st for summer programs
April 15th for fall programs
October 15th for spring programs

If you have any questions about the scholarship or application process, please contact

Click here to apply.

My goal to accomplish while abroad is simply to learn. Whether that is learn about the culture of London, learn about business, or learn from the people I interact with, I hope to return home with an abundance of knowledge.
— Raj, LILA Summer 2018 Winner
An internship overseas will help me in the future because of the connections, both social and professional that I will have established in my time abroad. Not only will I have something great to add to my resume and to reference to future employers but I will also have connections to an important part of the world that will last me a lifetime!
— Adna, LILA Fall 2018 Winner
I hope to improve my self-confidence while traveling abroad. Studying in a new country, meeting new people and traveling will help improve my resilience and overall confidence!
— Jennifer, LILA Fall 2018 Winner